Froth N Flames natural scented soy candles are handmade in Melbourne and offer a natural and relaxing aromatic experience. Aroma filled air from one of our top of the range soy candles will delight and invigorate your senses.

A range of pure essential oils and high quality fragrances are offered here at Froth N Flames. Both seasonal and limited edition lines are available, and will add a sense of style to your home. Any glassware you desire can be sourced to make your own candle. Our team has vast experience blending our own fragrances, to create a product that can make a great gift for all ages.

The burn time is noted on each listing, but our Classic cotton wick candles burn for approximately 60 hours. Our large cotton wick candles burn for approximately 100 hours. Both of these are great value. Did you know that if you trim your wick before each burn you will get a better burn and your candle will last longer? Just trim it before each burn with our wick trimmer set. Another useful tip is to burn your candle to the edge during the first use. This ensures an even burn in the future.

Buy your scented soy candle today with confidence from our fully registered business. Candle makers here at Froth N Flames have extensive training in the making of candles and safe use of essential oils and fragrances. We handle all our products in hygienic conditions, and have extensive quality control systems in place for your peace of mind.

Froth N Flames offers a custom made service. If you require candles for a special occasion we can help you out and design a range especially for you. Custom labels are also a favourite especially for weddings and birthdays.

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