Spell & Wish Candles

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Spell & Wish Candles

Spell candles

Our Spell & Wish Candles make a perfect accompaniment to any ritual. Each colour represents a different intention. The spell Candles are the perfect size for single use spell & wish work.

The colour of the candle will represent your need. Candles represent the fire and air elements.  Most spells include at least one candle. You can also use these Candles for simple voice intentions, just speak your truth, focus on your need and watch the flame. Repeat your Spell or Wish over and over. In a true wiccan  circle this is called candle magick or ritual.

Kitchen magick is the practice of using items you find in the home. So your kitchen would have an abundance of items that can be used for your specific need. Remember its all about the intention, however there is no right or wrong way to use a spell or make a wish.  The only rule is do no harm, illwill can come back in folds. Never intend harm or negativity on anyone.  Focus on your own needs.

Anointing candles is another common practice with Spell & Wish magick.  A simple anointment would be to rub oil, could be as simple as olive oil, onto your candle then roll in a particular herb or petal. I have given a basic overview for each candle.  You can go deeper and use specific oils for the ritual but I wont go into that now.


Black is for Protection against negativity. Black will help stop bullying and harassment.  To anoint this candle you could use Basil.

White is classed and neutral and can be used in any spell. You can replace any colour candle with white in a spell. White candles can represent peace and hope. You could anoint with any herb or flower petals you have or one that would match your intention.

Red is for confidence and courage. Red arouses passion, can also be used for the protection against domestic violence. In addition you could anoint this candle with cinnamon.

Orange is used for self confidence, healing and creativity. In other words this is a good colour for communication & education. To anoint this candle you could use chamomile.

Green represents abundance(can mean wealth in all areas) and success. In addition Green is used for health and prosperity. You could use allspice to anoint this candle.

Blue is use for intuition, loyalty and forgiveness. Can also be used for travel and matters of the home. Anoint this candle with Thyme.

Purple for general protection, spirituality and general healing. In Addition it may be used to invoke spirits or for work issues. A purple candle can be anointed with rosemary.

Pink is for romance and affection. Pink will create harmony in any relationship, In addition Pink is also used for musical talents. You could anoint with lavender.

Personal Opinion

Remember this is not spiritual advice, everyone has their own opinions and beliefs on what works for them.  If you do everything you can with your spell or wish and it does not work, however it maybe it was never meant to work.  I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason. Lots of people have specific rituals and will only do spell work on particular moon cycles or days of the week.

I do believe any spell can be amplified by a full moon. However some spells require attention every day for a month, a full lunar cycle. However this could be as simple as attending the area where your intention was made and reaffirm your desire. Some use alters and place items that are important to them for that intention, for instance crystals, pictures, cards, salt, herbs and a candle. I am happy to share what knowledge I have, so feel free to message me. Remember it is suppose to make you feel good and give you confidence. If at anytime you feel negative and uncomfortable walk away.

Our Spell & Wish Candles are approx 10 cm and will burn for around 2 hours.


12 candles

In conclusion Always use all safety precautions when burning candles. Never leave candle unattended, burn on heat resistant surface, place on a coaster or bowl to catch melted wax. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Lastly keep away from drafts.



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