Tammy, customer 8th June, 2014

Thank you. I can now use beautiful smelling soap with out being itchy

Rikianne, customer 8th December 2014

Awesome products that make great gifts! I love all the different soaps and they look so amazing

Karen, customer 5th September, 2014

Best products I have ever purchased - Very highly recommend these beautiful products, you won't regret using them.

Morgan, customer 13th April 2015

So impressed with the service I have received with my order! I'll be telling everyone about it :) Morgan,

Jayne, Customer 10th August 2015

Bought some soy melts from these guys today at the Mornington craft market, amazing! Highly recommended! Jayne, 10th August 2015

Michelle, customer 6th August 2017

I have used lots of the products this lady makes and they are all beautiful my favourite is the Chakra Balancing inhaler

Billie, Customer 31st August 2017

Excellent service. Super speedy postage and lovely to deal with. Will definitely be ordering from them again.

Paul, Customer 9th April 2017

I highly recommend the orange lemon poppyseed! Hopefully some more poppy seed styles will appear in the future (I would love a peppermint poppy seed option)

Shivana, Customer, 24th September 2017

Love Froth n Flames products. I have used the hand and body wash, its so soft on the skin and does not dry it at all. Highly recommend the soaps as well. Tracey your products are so natural and pure. Will surely come back to buy your products

Jenni, Customer 1st May 2016

Gorgeous soaps, lovey and frothy, smell Divine and gentle on your skin. Jenni, 1st May 2016

Michelle, Customer, 9th July 2015

I recently purchased some of the Camel Milk soap for my son as he has hyper sensitive skin and it leaves his skin smooth and soft and best of all no irritation!! If you have sensitive skin in highly recommend FrothnFlames Camel Milk Soap. Thankyou so much for finally giving me a product i can bath my lil man in with without any side affects.

Bel, Customer, 24th April 2016

I brought a delicious Black Raspberry Vanilla and Argan shampoo soaps. They are beautiful handmade soaps. The Black raspberry vanilla smells delicious and has an amazing lather. The Argan shampoo soap left my Hair so soft. Thank you so much, I will definitely be back for some more

Cherie, Customer, August 2015

Nothing better than after a long week of looking after 6 kids then a day out in the garden to get in the shower and use this soap. Beautiful lather with amazing scent left my aching body feeling silky smooth and refreshed. Love your soaps. The only problem is which one to use! Lol thank you so much Tracey ???

Sarah, Customer. June 2015

Hiya :) I purchased two blocks of soap from you guys yesterday at the Belgrave South Primary School Market and have used one of them today. I just had to tell you how wrapt I am with my buy! Your soap is so luxurious and creamy and I felt really special using it! You have a big fan in me and I hope to see you again next month for a restock.
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