Made In Australia

Froth N Flames pride ourselves on being an Australian owned business. Many of our handmade products are registered Australian Made. We are a family-owned business

Our aim is to handmake natural soap and soy candles in Melbourne. 

We make quality products at affordable prices and wish to share our passion for luxury products with everyone. I find them very uplifting and am sure you will as well. I believe everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives.

You will fine only the finest ingredients I can find in all our products. Our goals are to be sustainable and look after our planet for future generations.

Buy Local

We are located in the foothills of the Dandenong Mountains in Melbourne.

All our suppliers are located in Australia.  The olive oil for our handmade soap comes from Victorian Groves.

Our soy candles are eco friendly with maximum scent load for your burning enjoyment. We make relaxing bath salts blended with food grade Himalayan salt, Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom salts and pure Essential Oils.

Bath Bombs are very important to us. Ingredients you will find in our Bath Bombs are Organic Bicarbonate of Soda & Pharmaceutical Grade Citric Acid. It is important to us to provide quality products.

Purchase with confidence, knowing you are supporting an Australian family and our local economy. 

eco friendly soy candles
Eucalyptus Essential oil

Gentle, Natural Products

Froth N Flames make our handmade soap the old fashion way. It retains all the natural goodness with no added nasties. All our products have been extensively tried and tested by family and friends. We do not test on animals.  To date, there have been no adverse reaction to any of our products.

All our products are palm oil free and vegan with the exception of our Beeswax candles.

It is recommended that for all new products you do a small test wash on the inside of your forearm and wait 24 hours to make sure there is no reaction. If there is a reaction discontinue use.

I suggest you all run yourself a bath with relaxing bath salts, light a highly scented candle of your choice and wash with some luxurious handmade soap. Take 30 minutes to yourself and relax to enjoy the valuable me time.

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