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This is a beautiful show stopper, 12 months in the making. Our candle gardens are all unique and one of a kind. Candle Gardens are lovingly handcrafted with our special blend of wax. Sure to add to any decor. The garden you have when you have a brown thumb.

Candle Gardens are founded on my love of indoor gardening and plants. I soon realised that not all indoor areas are suitable for plants. I decided that fake plants usually look fake, so I set about to make something that is visually pleasing.  You can place them in any spot and admire them, and the beauty is a real focal point during conversations.

Froth N Flames Candle Gardens are a fantastic gift as they are so unique. We are the only ones making them. Each Candle Garden has a variety of flowers & cacti. The colours chosen are so bright and cheery that they are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

There is a massive 600gms of our own unique blend of wax. The dimensions of our Candle Garden is approx 18cm x 10cm. The stylish beige bowls are stoneware with dimples and finished with glaze. Candle Gardens are scented with fresh fruity scent and are randomly selected for shipping.


Please allow extra shipping time as there are many postal delays that are out of  our control at the moment.


Burning this beauty is a little different to other candles. As you garden melts it will create an excess of wax that may drown your wick. All you need to do it tip the excess wax out and relight your candle.  Always burn on a sauce to catch any spills and prevent surface damage. As with any candle please burn within sight, keep out of reach of children. Trim wicks before burning. Keep out of breezes. Burn on a fire resistant surface. Leave at least 2cm of wax in the bottom of the jar to prevent the glassware over heating causing damage. Never burn candle for more then 4 hours at a time, this also prevents the glassware from over heating.

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