Handmade Soap

Our Handmade Soap is all natural, vegan and palm oil free. We use only ethically sourced ingredients. It is our aim to leave the world a better place, while still making beautiful products.

Did you know that olive oil- an ingredient in all of our wonderful handmade soap here at Froth N Flames- has been used for centuries in soap? Olive oil contains a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants. Our handmade soaps all have great lather and will leave you feeling fresh and clean. To leave your skin feeling more moisturised after showering, our soaps have been specially designed to not remove the natural oils of your skin.

Another ingredient we commonly use in our handmade soap is fair trade Shea butter from Baraka Shea Butter. This is another small business not dissimilar to our own. By supporting this business, we here at Froth N Flames are working to make a better future for women and families in northern Ghana.

Other oils used include cocoa butter, coconut oil and castor bean oil, which work together to make your skin feel luxurious after using our handmade soap. You will also find some beautiful essential oil blends and some fun fragrances, to enhance your enjoyment of our products. We use a mix of natural colourants and mica to add a beautiful appearance to our products.

Our natural products have also been granted the Australian made and owned license. They are all handmade in the foothills of the Dandenong Mountains. This status is reflected within our packaging designs.