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Soap Crayons

Kids Soap

Introducing our vibrant Soap Crayons. Carefully crafted from a natural soap base, free from any harsh fragrances or chemicals commonly found in commercial soaps. With their gentle formulation, these crayons require proper dry storage between uses to maintain their shape and prevent dissolving. A perfect addition to any celebration, these soap crayons make for delightful party favors at kids’ birthday parties, adding a playful touch to the festivities. Customizable in various colors suitable for both boys and girls, these fun soaps can be conveniently packaged in different quantities to suit your needs. Please note that as these soaps are custom-made, colors may vary, ensuring a unique and whimsical experience with every use. Each pack contains 6 Soap pieces, best kept wrapped until use. For party gift bags, smaller sets are also available upon request. For inquiries regarding party favors, please feel free to send us a message.

Ingredients: Sodium stearate, glyceral stearate, water, sodium myristate, sodium laureth (not SLS), 5% glycerine, sucrose, sorbitol, sodium hyaluronic acid, EDTA4Na (preservative & antioxidant), pigment dye.


Have you checked out our other kids products. We have carefully designed a range of products that will entice even the reluctant bathers. Our kids products are made with the intent to be as natural and gentle as possible.

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