Block Men Soap


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Block Men Soap

Block Men soap is made from a natural soap base, fragrance free. A take off the popular kids blocks. This soap has no harsh chemicals of commercial soap therefore it is softer and needs to be kept dry in between use otherwise it may disolve. This line is great for party favours for kids birthday parties. They can be custom made in different colours for boys or girls. They can be packaged in different quanties. This soap is custom and colours will vary. Each pack contains 6 block men and 6 blocks. It is best to keep wrapped until use. I can make up smaller sets for party gift bags. 1 x block 1x man for $3 per set, they will be individually wrapped. Please message me re party favours.


Sodium stearate, glyceral stearate, water, sodum myristate, sodium laureth (not SLS) 5% glycerine, surcose, sorbital, sodium hyaluronic acid,EDTA4Na (preservative & anti oxidant) pigement dye

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