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Our sqeeze refill bottles 500ml are great for filling our empty car diffuser, less mess and precision pouring.

Discover the convenience of our squeeze refill bottle 500ml, specifically designed for effortlessly refilling your small diffusers, ensuring a seamless and eco-friendly way to continue enjoying your favorite fragrances. These versatile bottles come empty and serve a range of practical purposes, including the efficient and precise watering of plants. These bottles can be used for precise and targeted watering of plants, providing an efficient solution for nurturing delicate indoor or outdoor greenery

Also commonly known as tattoo bottles, they are favored for their precision application, making them an indispensable tool for various artistic and craft projects. They have many uses for craft, you can use them with your alcohol ink work. Tattoo squeeze bottles are suitable for storing and applying homemade beauty products, such as lotions, oils, or serums, allowing for easy and controlled distribution of these products.

Please note that this item will be shipped based on volume, guaranteeing that you receive an ample supply to fulfill all your creative and practical needs. Embrace the versatility of our squeeze refill bottle 500ml, exploring its multifaceted nature and its ability to serve as both a functional necessity and an innovative accessory for a variety of tasks and projects.

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