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These are plastic pipettes 3ml. Great for filling the small diffusers. You will receive a set of 10. We use these pipettes for filling our own car diffusers. They are perfect when making small amounts. If making larger quantities we use our squeeze refill bottles.

Have you checked out our other diffusers. We have a range of car diffusers that are great for adding fragrance to your small space or car. These bottles come empty so you can fill them yourself. You would fill them with premium natural fragrance or essential oils and reed diffuser base. We do not recommend refilling these empty car diffuser bottles.

3ml pipettes are versatile tools used for precise liquid handling in various industries and settings. They find applications in:

  • Laboratory experiments for accurate transfer of reagents and samples.
  • Medical and clinical testing, ensuring precise fluid measurements for diagnostic procedures.
  • Chemical analysis, aiding in precise titrations and dilutions for accurate results.
  • Food and beverage industry, enabling precise addition of flavorings and additives.
  • Cosmetics and skincare production, ensuring accurate measurements for consistent product formulations.
  • Art and crafts, facilitating controlled application of dyes and inks for intricate work.
  • Education and classroom demonstrations, allowing for engaging and interactive experiments.
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