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Laundry Crystals

Ocean Breeze Laundry Crystals – Sample

Elevate your laundry experience with our Ocean Breeze-scented Laundry Crystals, capturing the invigorating essence of a coastal paradise in every wash. Infused with the crisp, rejuvenating scent of a sea-kissed breeze, our innovative formula ensures your clothes emerge not only impeccably clean but also imbued with the refreshing aura of a seaside retreat.

Feel transported to the shorelines, where the salty ocean air dances through billowing linens, infusing them with a revitalizing fragrance. Our crystals encapsulate the purity of this invigorating breeze, enveloping your fabrics in an ambiance reminiscent of a sunlit beach day, with waves crashing against the shore.

Crafted to eliminate odors effectively, our Laundry Crystals dissolve effortlessly, releasing the refreshing ocean-inspired aroma that permeates through every thread. Say goodbye to lingering smells and hello to a long-lasting, refreshing fragrance that revitalizes your garments.


Indulge in the transformative power of our Ocean Breeze scent, not merely masking odors but replacing them with an airy, seaside freshness that lingers. This fragrance isn’t just an addition; it’s an immersion into the serenity and purity of coastal living.

Designed to provide more than just a clean finish, our Laundry Crystals ensure your fabrics maintain a newfound freshness and softness that mirrors the gentleness of an ocean breeze. Embrace the harmonious blend of cleanliness and a captivating scent, making laundry days a delightful escape to the seashore.

Whether it’s your everyday wear or cherished linens, our Ocean Breeze-scented Laundry Crystals promise a rejuvenating cleanse that transports you to the tranquil embrace of the ocean. Embrace the magic of the sea within your laundry, and let the invigorating aroma of an ocean breeze infuse joy and freshness into every thread, revitalizing your wardrobe with a seaside allure.

Our Fragrant Laundry Crystals will not only make your washing smell nice. They will also soften the water so your clothes will come out cleaner and softer.

Fragrant Laundry Crystals are free from harsh chemicals and handmade in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on these being Palm Free and Vegan.

Did you know you can add some crystals to your vacuum bag to add fragrance to your home as you vacuum. Exciting news the pouches are recyclable.


Add 1-2 scoops of crystals (scoop included) into your washing machine before adding clothes and laundry liquid/powder. Do not put in the soap dispenser. Please check your clothes are colour fast. Discontinue  use if irritation occurs. Laundry crystals add scent to your laundry, it is not a soap replacement.

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