Mindful Living Inspiration Cards


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Mindful Living Inspirational Cards


Deepen your daily spiritual practice and meditations through these 36 cards of intuitive messages drawn from ayurvedic wisdom and yogic philosophy.
Learn how to let go of your busy life. Instead apply conscious spiritual practice through meditations, prayers, mantras and ritual.
Pick one card each day as a focus for meditation.  A spiritual teaching to live by or to solve a problem and reflect on a challenge in your life.

Inspired by Eastern philosophies and traditions, these cards are perfect for yoga teachers, meditators, parents, healers and anyone interested in spiritual development and personal growth.

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Do you know the difference between tarot and oracle cards? The main difference is, tarot sets are all based on the same principal. Just like regular playing cards. The have 4 suits and the specialty cards, doesnt matter what the pictures look like they are all read the same. Tarot are the traditional reading cards and have been around for since the 15th century. Oracle card Decks are stand alone. Each deck is individual and interpretation can be up to the reader. To me oracle are more personal suited to the readers needs. I always say the deck chooses you. Pick what you are drawn to. Don’t over think it.

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