Soap Care instructions

Candle Safety Tips Updated
December 3, 2019
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Using Natural Handmade Soap is a beautiful way to start your day. To ensure a long life of your soap it is best to keep it dry in between uses. If you treat your soap well it you will enjoy the use of it for the maximum amount of time.

Our handmade soap does not contain any preservatives or hardening agents. Therefore it is softer then commercial products. This means that if you leave it sitting in water it will dissolve and or go mushy. You need to drain your handmade soap in between each use. It is best not to leave it on a shelf in the shower where the full flow of the water runs over it. Doing these simple things will ensure a longer life of your handmade soap, giving you better value for money.

Another fact you may not know, because of the lack of chemicals your shower screen should be cleaner but the base of the shower may become more slippery when showering. So be careful until you get use to the luxurious lather you get from your handmade soap. One last thing if you get my soap in your eyes it will sting, that is the nature of a handmade soap. May your dreams be filled with you in a luxury bath surrounded by scented candles relaxing and treating yourself to a well deserved break.